Understanding Why Skin Changes Over Time

Are you uncertain as to why your skin is appearing to sag, wrinkle and “loosen” over time? As it turns out, the reason is actually a combination of genetics, exposure to the elements and bad habits, in addition to age. Some examples include excessive sun exposure, body and facial muscle movement, smoking, our sleep position, obesity, and more. The loss of fatty tissue support found between skin and muscle often leads to dramatic changes in the appearance of skin over time as well.

Effects of Age

Besides the breakdown of tissue strength due to UV rays, the primary driver of sagging skin is age. As we grow older, it becomes more fragile due to a flattening of the area where the dermis and epidermis meet. Also, the thinning of blood vessel walls leads to a greater likelihood of bruising. In addition, we lose elastin as we age, which is a form of tissue that enables our skin to stay tight and supple. Therefore, in later years of life, skin appears to hang more loosely with less slack.

Different areas encounter different changes as we age. For instance, sometimes we may slowly develop a more thinned-out facial appearance due to the loss of fat in the cheek, chin, nose and eye areas. Or, a loss of cartilage in the nose area could introduce dropping while highlighting various bonier structures.

Our Recommended Skin Tightening Treatments

If you’re suffering from sagging, less-supple skin that detracts from your self-confidence, don’t worry; The Ottawa Skin Clinic is here to help! We offer three types of cellulite treatment solutions that are ideal for restoring your skin’s appearance and tightness as much as possible.