Causes of a Double Chin

Double chins are a combination of sagging skin and built-up fat deposits in the neck and chin area, and in extreme cases they can even grow enough to hide lower facial features such as the jawline. There are various causes associated with them, some of which can sometimes indicate the onset of obesity. Poor posture, usually without us knowing, can lead to the development of a double chin. This is the result of weakened muscles around the neck and chin area when they aren’t used as much, making it easier to lose elasticity.

Genetics can also cause a double chin, particularly among those with a family history of developing these deposits or suffering from skin with little elasticity. In addition, what we eat and how much we weigh plays a major role, particularly when it comes to calorie-rich diets influenced by unhealthy fats and processed foods. Finally, there’s age, which is one of the most common causes as the skin naturally loses elasticity as the body grows older. The extra, sagging skin can therefore contribute to a double chin in later years of life.

Our Recommended Submental Fat / Double Chin Treatments

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