Cellulite is fatty tissue that gives our skin a dimpled look and nodular texture, which leaves us feeling embarrassed and ashamed of our bodies. It forms on our most delicate areas and can be very difficult to reduce in appearance without costly procedures. But there are some options out there that are non-surgical and can greatly reduce the appearance of cellulite and help you feel your best again. Here we look at the common problem cellulite locations and some treatment options you can rely on to help get you back into those shorts and summer dresses with pride.

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is the non-medical term given to fatty tissue with a dimpled, lumpy appearance. Cellulite is subcutaneous, meaning it appears below the skin. Cellulite is more prominent in females than males, and affects an estimated 80-90% of women. Cellulite is caused by hormones, genetics, and predisposing factors. Lifestyle indicates such as stress can also affect the development of cellulite. 

Common Problem Areas

For most women, the noticeable cellulite dimples form on the thighs, butt, and upper arms. But cellulite can also form on the hips, love handles, abdomen, and even your breasts. Cellulite forms when underlying fat deposits begin to push through the layer of your connective tissue underneath the skin. A condition that is caused by hereditary circumstances and made worse through weakened hormones, excess fat, poor circulation, and weak muscle tone.

Z-Wave Treatment

If you’re ready to have your cellulite reduced, you should consider Z-Wave cellulite reduction offered by The Ottawa Skin Clinic. This non-surgical treatment delivers high-energy radial pulses that target the fatty tissue and can help to reduce the appearance of stubborn cellulite on the legs, thighs, stomach, and buttocks. In as little as 2-3 painless sessions you will experience visible results of firmer and smoother skin.

Accent Radio Frequency Treatment

This unique cellulite treatment uses two distinct hand pieces of unipolar and bipolar RF therapy to penetrate both the outer layers and fat that is deep within the skin. The unipolar targets the cells and helps promote healthy collagen production to firm the skin. The bipolar handpiece targets the outside layers of the skin to tighten the areas prone to cellulite formation.

If you want to see incredible cellulite reduction be sure to check out some of the treatment options at The Ottawa Skin Clinic. We offer the best medical aesthetics and services in Ottawa, tailored to help you reduce any stubborn cellulite on your problem areas and get you the body you’ve been waiting for.