After the frigid cold temperatures and dull, snowy days have drifted past us, the springtime carries along with it that glorious, warmer air. And after our skin has endured thick balms and heavy lotions to protect it from that dry, harsh winter air, it’s important to switch up your skincare regime with the changing seasons to maintain a proper level of moisture.

Here are some tips on how to combat dry skin this spring so you can indulge in those warmer days ahead with flawless skin.

Change Your Cleanser

When the springtime arrives, it’s time to ditch your cleanser for a light, gentle product. Many cleansers that are suited for the dry winter air are usually oil- and cream-based. Our skin needs any extra bit of moisture we can provide it, so our cleanser is generally too heavy and rich to continue using once the cold weather has dissipated. Opt for a lighter cleanser that is gentle on the skin.

Use a Lighter Moisturizer

Since moisture and humidity dry up during the winter, it’s necessary to use those rich and heavy lotions, balms, and even oil on our skin to attempt to place some of that lost moisture back. But when that winter air changes, so too should your choice of lotion. The warmer spring air brings along a lot more moisture, which can cause our skin to become excessively oily and eventually breakout, unless we switch up our products. Always change your moisturizer to a product that is lighter and less rich during the spring.

Gentle Exfoliation

It’s also important to maintain exfoliation as part of your skin care regime throughout the spring. In order to penetrate through those layers to cleanse and nourish your skin, you need to scrub away the dead skin. But be sure the use a gentle exfoliation cleanser before moisturizing.

Clean and Discard Makeup

Another important factor to consider for combating dry skin and potential breakouts is your makeup. The beginning of spring is usually a great time to throw away or clean any old makeup items, such as brushes. Any old mascara, heavy foundations, and other items that have been used over the past few months should be discarded. Bacteria can form on these and irritate your skin.

When the seasons change, the variation in the air and humidity levels can affect your skin in different ways. But it’s important to always switch up your skin care routine and products in order to keep combating that dry skin and breakouts. Use these tips now to help prep your skin for the warmer summer weather that’s just around the corner.

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