Non-Abrasive Skin Resurfacing

Many of us have sensitive skin and/or a low tolerance for pain, not to mention busy schedules that can prevent us from making use of various skin resurfacing treatments. However, The Ottawa Skin Clinic is proud to offer a virtually painless and lightning-quick alternative in the form of ClearLift Plus, a laser skin resurfacing treatment that can be completed on your lunch hour without any downtime.*


Courtesy of Alma Lasers, ClearLift Plus is a highly effective and rejuvenating skin resurfacing treatment that makes use of sophisticated technology to produce youthful and stunning results in a flash — as little as within 20 minutes in some cases. Treatments are carried out through delivering a controlled dermal wound beneath the skin’s surface. This non-ablative approach to laser skin resurfacing leaves the outer layer of the skin completely undamaged, enabling every stage of healing and skin repair to take place beneath the intact epidermis. The tip of ClearLift Plus boasts a fractional pattern, which doesn’t ablate the skin. Short yet extremely powerful bursts of light reach beneath the surface to stimulate collagen and break apart any unwanted pigmentation.*