…and how facials in Ottawa differ.

Did you know that the chemical peel is actually one of the oldest cosmetic procedures in the world? It’s true! As it turns out, the ancient Egyptians and Romans cared just as much about their skin as we do and used sour milk (which contains lactic acid) and grape skins (which contain tartaric acid) to exfoliate their skin!

Chemical peels in Ottawa have improved greatly since then and now typically consist of glycolic acid (AHA) or salicylic acid (BHA) depending on the extent of the skin’s damage. The use of chemicals is one of the biggest differences between chemical peels and facials in Ottawa. While facials in Ottawa focus more on removing blackheads, rejuvenating skin and providing relaxation, the chemicals used in chemical peels help remove dead and damaged skin in order to give way to new, clearer and younger looking skin. In addition, customers who receive a chemical peel can expect the following benefits:

1. Increased collagen growth. Chemical peels exfoliate the skin deeper than facials in Ottawa. This exfoliation helps stimulate new epidermal growth, distribute melanin more evenly and enhance collagen production, which results in firmer skin.

2. Improved texture. Ever wondered how celebrities maintain such a youthful glow? For some it may really be great genes, but for many it’s through skin rejuvenating procedures like chemical peels. Chemical peels in Ottawa help not only even skin tone, but also diminish fine lines and wrinkles, creating a softer and smoother surface.

3. Improved appearance of acne and scarring. Acne and/or acne scarring is a skin condition that can leave many people unhappy with the look of their skin. While difficult to treat, deep chemical peels can be used to help resurface the skin and reduce the appearance of acne and minimize the scarring.

4. Improved appearance of sun damage. There’s a reason our parents lathered us up in sunscreen every summer. While the damaging effects of the sun are for the most part irreversible, chemical peels in Ottawa can help stimulate a healing process within the skin and reduce dark sunspots.

5. Minimal downtime. The idea of chemicals on your skin might sound scary, but the truth is chemical peels in Ottawa are one of the least invasive skin enhancing procedures. Though there are varying levels, most mild or medium peels come with almost no downtime!

6. A solution for all skin types. Just like facials in Ottawa, chemical peels can accommodate most skin types — even sensitive!

Chemical peels and facials in Ottawa have come a long way since Cleopatra’s time. For those looking to rejuvenate, replenish or revive their skin, a chemical peel is a procedure that comes with numerous benefits and very little downside!