Diets for Great Skin

Beautiful skin starts from within. To maintain a gorgeous complexion, you need to eat the right balance of foods that will give your skin all the vitamins and nutrients it needs to stay soft, vibrant, and youthful. The best way to do this is to eat foods that are rich in vitamins C, E, zinc,

7 Foods that Help Make Your Skin Clear

Want glowing, clear skin in no time? Then you need a diet that’s high in vitamins and minerals that can provide a more radiant and younger looking complexion. Get the skin you deserve just by eating these amazing 7 foods that can help make your skin clear. Avocado The fruit that has gained increasing popularity

5 Ways to Make Your Face Look Brighter

Looking to revitalize dull skin and make your face appear brighter and more radiant? There are a few ways that you can get a more healthy and hydrated look. If you want to rejuvenate tired, dull looking skin, follow these five tips to make your face look brighter. Reduce Alcohol Intake Alcohol is dehydrating and

Grooming is Important, Guys!

When the state of your hair or facial hair has people giving you weird glances, it’s time to take the hint that some personal grooming is in order. It may have been acceptable to get away with the grungy look back in the day, but today, looking well groomed and put together is important –

Service Showcase: Hydra Facials

Looking for ways to hydrate your skin and reverse the signs of aging? Then look no further than Hydra Facials from Ottawa Skin Clinic. These multi-function treatments aim to detoxify and recharge your skin, giving you a gorgeous look and soft feel like no other treatment can. The HydraFacial MD® delivers amazing and instant results

Our Recommendations for Fighting Dry Skin this Winter

The winter weather can be particularly harsh on your skin. Those frigid winds and sub-zero temperatures often cause skin to become dry, itchy, and irritated. So if you’re looking for recommendations for fighting dry skin this winter, try these tips below to give your skin a hydrating boost. Moisturize More The easiest way for fighting

7 Makeup Tips to Reduce Breakouts

Are you noticing frequent breakouts, red itchy skin or small bumps around your chin and cheeks? It may be your makeup that’s to blame. Many who experience acne have never considered it to be caused by the very makeup that’s being used to help hide these blemishes. But cosmetic induced acne is both widespread and

Acne Be Gone with AFT Acne Treatments

  Reducing acne and improving the tone, texture, and appearance of your skin is easier than you think with Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT). With the rapid development of technology, innovative laser treatments such as this allow you to gain back control and confidence with how you look and feel. So don’t hide behind your acne,

5 Skin Care Tips for Men

Times are changing – men are finally starting to focus on skin care. As many gents begin to recognize the benefits that good skin care can provide, they’re more eager than ever to learn about products and ways in which they can also maintain a more youthful, smooth complexion. If you’re keen to get in

How to Prevent and Repair Sun Damage

Summers in Ottawa and Gatineau can really crank up the heat, and all of that UV ray exposure can make your skin vulnerable to photodamage. That’s why taking the necessary steps to protect and rejuvenate the skin is crucial for maintaining healthy skin. For tips on how to prevent and repair sun damage, read on.