The Importance of Sunscreen

Did you know that sun damage is the number one cause of prematurely ageing skin? That’s why sunscreen is so important to wear when heading out into the sunshine, not just for the sake of preventing wrinkles and age spots, but, of course, for protecting yourself against skin cancer as well. To learn more about

Introducing ClearLift Plus

With busy schedules and not enough time in the day to take care of ourselves, it can quickly begin to show throughout the surface of our skin. Thankfully, when the wear and tear become noticeable, there are treatments that you can take advantage of that won’t impede your time. However, if you have sensitive skin

Your Holiday Gift Guide

Jane Iredale products are unique in that they provide complete coverage for skin problems such as acne and rosacea, while nourishing and protecting the skin. These non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, sensitivity-tested, dermatologist-test products were created to fill a need as even the most high-end makeup on the market is prone to clogging the pores or drying out

Turn Back Time with an Anti-Aging Makeup Routine

When it comes to certain kinds of makeup, it can sometimes feel like you’re caught up in a vicious cycle of trying to cover up imperfections and signs of aging when all the while that makeup could just be contributing to those imperfections and wrinkles in the first place! Let’s face it – what worked

How To Prevent Makeup Meltdown This Summer

Many of us take a break from our normal makeup routine over the summer months, opting for more of a fresh-faced look – and bonus, less time spent in front of the mirror in the morning! But for those days when you need to wear a little something extra, perhaps you have a wedding this

Treating Your Double Chin With the CoolSculpting Cool Mini

CoolSculpting is the #1 non-invasive, non-surgical fat reduction procedure worldwide. CoolSculpting freezes fat cells using Cryolipolysis (controlled cooling) technology to target, crystallize, and kill stubborn fat cells in problem areas like love handles and the stomach. In the weeks following the treatment, these fats cells are naturally processed and eliminated from the body – and

What’s the Hype with Latisse?

Do you try to magnify your lashes but to no avail? Are mascara products and fake lashes proving ineffective? Latisse® (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution) may be the solution you’ve been looking for. Latisse is the only treatment approved by Health Canada that is clinically proven to grow eyelashes. This product grows your lashes darker, thicker, fuller,