Dealing with Facial Redness

There’s no better sensation than feeling comfortable within your own skin. If you develop skin conditions that leave you uncomfortable and insecure, your skin can start to feel more like a cage rather than a radiant exterior. Rosacea (facial redness) is a skin condition that can leave your cheeks looking flushed – sometimes with accompanying

Why You Should Get a Photofacial

Give your skin a makeover in time for winter! When you are sitting in front of the fireplace during the holidays or posing in dazzling party photos, you want your skin to glow – not show obvious signs of damage, redness and blemishes brought on from summer. Getting photorejuvenation at Ottawa skin clinics is a

Is a Photofacial in Ottawa Right for You?

Ottawa’s Photo Rejuvenation Services Can Treat Sun Damage, Age Spots, and More It’s likely you’ve never heard of photo rejuvenation, yet Ottawa’s bright, sunny summers practically guarantee that if you have a light skin type, you might someday benefit from what this treatment has to offer. Photofacial Ottawa services use pulsed light to treat a