Why Belkyra?

You know that stubborn area of fat that lingers just below your chin? Well, for some people, healthy diet and exercise simply aren’t enough to get rid of it. But now there is a way that you can! Belkyra was designed specifically to target double chin fat. No more staring at the mirror in frustration

Targeting Submental Fat with BELKYRA

No one likes to look at a photo of themselves only to notice that their double chin wasn’t a result of a bad camera angle. Unfortunately, for many, excess fat under the chin can be more than just a result of excessive weight gain. Genetics can play a role in it as well. And whether

Understanding Submental Fat

Are you self-conscious about your double chin? Let’s explore the facts behind submental fat and the effective treatment options available to reduce the unwelcome condition of submental fullness. What is submental fat? The submental area is the region under your chin. Submental fat can grow in this region, causing a facial condition known as “submental