Waxing can be a great way to swiftly remove hair and leave your skin feeling fabulous and soft for a longer period of time Despite the advantages, your skin may become inflamed and irritated following a wax treatment if proper after-care measures are not taken. This discomfort usually dissipates anywhere from the span of a few minutes to a few hours, depending on how well you treat your skin during that time. But there are some helpful tactics that you can apply to ease the after-effects and move on to embracing the soft, supple skin beneath.

Here are some helpful steps to care for your skin after a wax treatment.

Avoid Harsh and Irritating Products

Immediately after being waxed, your skin becomes very sensitive. So any products that contain any harsh chemicals that could potentially irritate the skin should be avoided, at least for a few hours afterwards. That includes any deodorants and lotions.

Use Aloe Vera or Lavender to Sooth Skin

Usually your medical aesthetician will recommend what lotion to apply afterwards. But if not, any lotion that contains more natural ingredients, particularly with aloe vera or lavender, is usually best for soothing that inflamed skin. Your skin care professional can recommend the right after-treatment products for your skin.

Avoid Cleansing for 24 Hours

It’s usually best to avoid cleansing your skin for at least 24 after treatment. This is especially important to avoid any abrasive products, such as exfoliates. These can really irritate the skin and even cause burning sensations. Cool water is recommended for rinsing and calming the skin.

Avoid Touching the Skin

As soft and wonderful as your newly waxed skin may be, you should try to avoid touching it for at least a few hours after. Since the new layer of skin is quite porous, it also becomes delicate. So avoid excessive touching, and if you do, ensure that your hands are cleansed beforehand.

Wear Loose Clothing

Putting tightly fitted clothing on after being waxed is something you will soon find isn’t such a great idea. That constant tension and rubbing can irritate the skin. Loose fitted clothing will allow the area to breath while keeping the surface as germ-free as possible.

Waxing is a great way to remove unwanted hair fast, and keep your skin soft longer. But it’s important to take the necessary care after each treatment to avoid any irritation and even infection. So be sure to take good care of your skin by following these steps after your next waxing treatment.