Summertime means beach time. While those hot summer days last, you’ve got to soak up every opportunity to soak in those rays. But after a while, a few beach days can start to wreak a little havoc on your skin and body without the proper maintenance. So if you have, or are planning to have plenty of fun in the sun this summer, here are some handy steps for you to take care of your skin after each beach day.

Cleanse Away the Beach

The only downside to a beach day is having to apply that all of that oily sunscreen. So first thing you need to do is cleanse away that grease. Take a cool shower and use a washcloth or exfoliate to ensure you’ve scrubbed away all of that build up. It’s important not to go for the hot water too much or it will dry out your skin. Use a hydrating body wash to give your skin an extra boost. After the shower, use a good hydrating body butter and apply it to your skin, thoroughly massaging it in. There are oil-free, transparent, weightless sunscreens out there – ask your dermatologist or medical aesthetician for a recommendation best suited to your unique skin type.

Hydrate you Hair

Hair care during the summer months can often be ignored or underutilized. But applying a few techniques and good products is crucial to maintaining those healthy locks. Beach days mean rivers, lakes, oceans, salt, singed hair and frizz. So before you head out to the beach, apply a good few sprays of a hydration or leave-in conditioner with added UV protection. When you get home during that cool shower, be sure to coat your entire hair in a good conditioner too.

Scrub Those Feet

Your feet are carrying you around all day in that hot sand, so they deserve some TLC as well. Walking in flip-flops all day can build up callouses on your feel and leave your toes dry and dirty. Be sure to pick up a good exfoliating stick so you can scrub away any dead skin on the bottom of your feet. The best time to do this is towards the end of your shower when your skin has softened. Apply a thick body butter to your feet and slip on some socks to let them soak up the hydration.

Nothing beats fun in the sun on a beach with your friends. But it’s important not to ignore some essential habits for keeping your skin and hair looking fresh and hydrated when you do. Between the hot sun, greasy sunscreen, sand and dirt, the combination can cause some hefty damage overtime. So the next time you’re heading to the beach, follow these quick steps so you can be prepped and ready for more fun in the sun.