BTL EMSCULPT® to Improve Shape and Tone Your Buttocks

We at The Ottawa Skin Clinic are incredibly excited to introduce the latest offering by BTL to all our handsome and beautiful clients out there: the groundbreaking EMSCULPT®. This brand-new treatment is the world’s only procedure shown to burn fat and build muscle simultaneously.

A Breakthrough in Body Sculpting

EMSCULPT® is a revolutionary new process that is changing the way the industry thinks about burning fat and toning muscle. The brand new, non-invasive, non-radiating, and non-thermal HIFEM® (High- Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) technology is used to create supramaximal contractions (extremely powerful contractions not naturally achievable). The muscle tissue, under these new, intense circumstances, is forced to react through a deep remodelling of its inner structure. The result is muscle building and toning along with fat burning at the same time.