Lip Injections Ottawa: What You Should Know

Before You Take the Plunge with Filler Injections, Get the Facts on this Popular Procedure If you’ve been considering getting lip injections in Ottawa, then you’re probably looking to learn as much about the procedure as possible before you commit to anything. After all, any decision that affects your body like this should not be

PRP Treatment Fights Acne Scars

Your Acne Clinic in Ottawa Can Reduce Scars Using Platelet-Rich Plasma Most of us have had acne at one point—it was hard, it made us self-conscious, but it ended. Unfortunately for some of us, it left us a little going-away present: acne scars. If you are one of those who have been afflicted by this

Is a Photofacial in Ottawa Right for You?

Ottawa’s Photo Rejuvenation Services Can Treat Sun Damage, Age Spots, and More It’s likely you’ve never heard of photo rejuvenation, yet Ottawa’s bright, sunny summers practically guarantee that if you have a light skin type, you might someday benefit from what this treatment has to offer. Photofacial Ottawa services use pulsed light to treat a

Hyperhidrosis Treatment and You

What is Hyperhidrosis and How Can a Botox Clinic Help? We all sweat. It’s not flattering, but it is necessary. It’s your body telling you, “You’re hot, and you need to cool off.” Sweating is our body’s way of reducing high temperatures so that we don’t overheat and keel over. Hyperhidrosis treatment, on the other