7 Foods that Help Make Your Skin Clear

Want glowing, clear skin in no time? Then you need a diet that’s high in vitamins and minerals that can provide a more radiant and younger looking complexion. Get the skin you deserve just by eating these amazing 7 foods that can help make your skin clear. Avocado The fruit that has gained increasing popularity

Service Showcase: Pixel Skin Resurfacing

Looking for a new way to restore the appearance of your skin? Or, are you searching for a way to reduce scars or sun damage? If so, we have the perfect treatment for you. Pixel Laser Skin resurfacing can help you achieve smoother, healthier, flawless looking skin in no time. Let us show you how.

5 Ways to Make Your Face Look Brighter

Looking to revitalize dull skin and make your face appear brighter and more radiant? There are a few ways that you can get a more healthy and hydrated look. If you want to rejuvenate tired, dull looking skin, follow these five tips to make your face look brighter. Reduce Alcohol Intake Alcohol is dehydrating and

Tips to Keep your Lips from Drying Out

The bitter cold and dry air during the winter can create chapped, shriveled, and unappealing lips. And since your lips are constantly exposed to the environment, whether you’re inside or outside, they’re always prone to damage and dehydration. It’s also important to note that the skin on your lips is thinner than skin elsewhere on

Service Showcase: Tattoo Removal

Regretting that tattoo you once thought you’d love forever? Well, lucky for you, you don’t have to keep living with ink you don’t like. At Ottawa Skin Clinic, we offer tattoo removal that is both safe and gentle on your skin. Our trained skin care professionals use state-of-the-art laser technology to safely reduce the visibility