Why We Love Nano Brow Treatments

Whether it’s genetics, age or other underlying conditions, when eyebrows grow sparse or begin to thin out, they can impact your appearance quite drastically. That’s why more people are starting to seek out treatments that can help. But with treatments like microblading gaining increasing popularity, people are beginning to discover the imprecise and blurred results

7 Makeup Tips to Reduce Breakouts

Are you noticing frequent breakouts, red itchy skin or small bumps around your chin and cheeks? It may be your makeup that’s to blame. Many who experience acne have never considered it to be caused by the very makeup that’s being used to help hide these blemishes. But cosmetic induced acne is both widespread and

Acne Be Gone with AFT Acne Treatments

  Reducing acne and improving the tone, texture, and appearance of your skin is easier than you think with Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT). With the rapid development of technology, innovative laser treatments such as this allow you to gain back control and confidence with how you look and feel. So don’t hide behind your acne,

5 Skin Care Tips for Men

Times are changing – men are finally starting to focus on skin care. As many gents begin to recognize the benefits that good skin care can provide, they’re more eager than ever to learn about products and ways in which they can also maintain a more youthful, smooth complexion. If you’re keen to get in