How you wash your face really counts when it comes to maintaining clear, healthy-looking skin. Since our skin gets continuously exposed to the weather elements, along with air pollutants, dirt particles, and oil from our hands throughout the day, our pores get clogged up very easily. Without having a proper, regular cleansing routine in place, that build up can lead to breakouts, uneven texture, and premature ageing.

Even though it may seem like a simple part of your beauty routine, you’d be surprised to learn how many people actually end up washing their face incorrectly. So, are you washing your face properly? Learn how to cleanse, tone and moisturize the right way below.

Wash Makeup Before Cleansing

One of the important steps for washing your face properly is to remove your makeup before you start cleansing. Many concealers and foundations can’t be cleaned away easily with cleansers, so make sure you use a dedicated makeup remover to dissolve those stubborn products and sunscreen, especially around the eyes and nose.

Wash With Lukewarm Water

For a clearer complexion, you should wash your face twice per day — once in the morning to prep your face and once in the evening. Begin your cleansing routine always by using lukewarm water. Using hot water can dry out your skin, and using water that’s too cold will close up your popes, which will prevent you from getting deep into them to clean out that build up of dirt and oil.

Use A Mild Alcohol-Free Cream Cleanser

The type of cleanser that you use is also important, especially in relation to your skin type. But in general, it’s always better to stick with a non-abrasive cleanser that’s alcohol-free since these can also end up drying out the skin. A mild cream cleanser with glycolic or salicylic acid can gently rinse away any bacteria without placing your skin under any added stress. Try to avoid using any cleansers that include harsh chemicals.

Dab Don’t Rub

Remember that your facial skin is very sensitive and much thinner than the rest of the skin on your body. So you need to treat it with extra care. When you’re ready to dry off your face, don’t rub it with the towel, gently pat it dry instead.

Exfoliate Twice Per Week

Exfoliating the skin helps to remove dead skin cells that can create a barrier on the surface. By using a gentle exfoliate twice per week, you can wipe away that barrier to smooth out the texture of your skin, while letting your cleanser do its job.

Apply Toner

Toner helps tighten up the pores, which helps minimize the number of bacteria that gets into them. Since alcohol-based toners strip the skin of its natural oils, look for alcohol-free toners that are gentle. Non-abrasive toners will help to balance the skin’s pH levels.

Apply Moisturizer

Using a serum and an appropriate moisturizer for your skin type really matters when it comes to preventing breakouts and blemishes. So learn what your skin type is and always buy products accordingly. Applying a serum before your moisturizer can give it the extra hydration it needs, especially around the more sensitive areas like the eyes.

At The Ottawa Skin Clinic, our experts can help you determine what the best routine is for your skin. We also offer a variety of different treatments that can help balance, tone and repair any acne scarring, sun damage or signs of ageing. Contact us today to set up a consultation to learn about what treatments are best suited for your skin.