Acne scar treatment with instant results

Filler injections are used to reduce the signs of aging and restore volume, fullness, and tone to the skin. Typical target areas for the treatments are acne scars, lips, wrinkles, cheeks, smoker’s lines, and crow’s feet. Here are answers to some common questions about the treatment to help determine if it’s right for you.

What Are Filler Injections?

Filler injections or hyaluronic acid injections are a relatively painless and noninvasive treatment that restores fullness to areas where volume has been lost such as cheeks, lips even acne scars. Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in the human body and acts as lubrication in the joints and other tissues. When injected into the skin, it will fill space often left by deflated fat pads in the dermis layer of the skin.

How Do They Work?

You begin by consulting a skin care clinic and setting up a treatment plan. At your appointment for the procedure, the injection is delivered with fine needle, reducing discomfort. When inserted under the skin, the hyaluronic acid will fill in depressions by combing with water to restore lost volume in the area . In some cases the injections will also contain a local anesthetic for additional comfort. The whole process can take just a few minutes and you will see the results instantly.

Is Recovery Time Needed?

After the filler injection is administered the downtime needed in often minimal. Just be careful with the treatment area so as not to irritate the skin. Most patients are able to return to their normal routine immediately.

How Long Does It Last?

In the case of acne scar treatment, and most areas of the face, the results can appear almost immediately after the injections are given, and last up to a full year. In some cases, the results have lasted as long as two years.

Who Is Eligible for Treatment?

If you would like to treat acne scars, wrinkles, smoker’s lines, or crow’s feet, or you’d like return volume and fullness to your skin, contact a skin clinic to discuss whether or not this treatment will meet your need. It is best to avoid or delay this kind of treatment if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

Are There Any Side Effects?

With all skin treatments there is always the possibility of having an allergic reaction. It is important that that you mention all allergies or adverse reactions to your skin care professional during your consultation. Though side effects are rare, they may include redness, bruising, and swelling. These problems often fade over time.

Filler injections are a great option to increase the firmness and volume of your skin, not to mention they can also be used as an acne scar treatment. They are a truly great, noninvasive option for restoring your skin.