Chemical peels are a popular treatment for improving the appearance and health of skin for those who suffer from scars, acne, sun damage, and signs of aging. The treatment is non-invasive and can be done in practically no time at all. If you’ve been considering trying a chemical peel, here is some information to help you decide whether it’s the right treatment for you.

What Exactly Does a Chemical Peel Entail?

A chemical peel involves the application of a chemical solution to the skin. Your skin care professional will select the right combination and strength of AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) such as lactic acid, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and mandelic acids and apply to the skin. The peel will exfoliate the skin and loosen dead skin cells. Once the peel is complete, you’re left with a rejuvenated, softer, and clearer surface on your skin.

A chemical peel treatment, in essence, creates controlled abrasions that allow new skin to develop in place of old skin.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Chemical Peel?

Every skin type and skin condition can potentially be refreshed and renewed with a chemical peel. Sensitive, aging, acneic, dry, and pigmented skin can benefit from chemical peels. To learn whether you are a good candidate, book a consultation with your skin professional. They will evaluate your skin and determine the right combination of AHAs and at what strength to apply for your chemical peel.

What to Expect After Treatment?

It is usually recommended for any patient undergoing a chemical peel to avoid exposure to the sun afterward. When you are exposed to the sun, it is recommended to wear a broad spectrum sunscreen and apply it before going out since the skin becomes more sensitive the following few days after treatment.

You should also expect the treated skin to appear red which will usually dissipate after three to seven days. There are various types of peels so they can have different reactions afterward. Some medium-depth peels can cause some blisters and swelling over the course of two weeks. This will all depend on the extent of the treatment being provided and your particular skin type and sensitivity.

Discover whether a chemical peel can deliver smoother, firmer, clearer skin. Book an appointment with The Ottawa Skin Clinic today! We can answer all of your questions about chemical peels and help you determine whether they can benefit your skin.