Advanced Medical Grade Facials

Serious skincare issues need serious solutions. If you are tired of dealing with deep surface lines, coarse skin, discolouration, or redness in the face, then you may require a more intense treatment than what regular facials can offer. Our advanced facials might be just the treatment that you need to help repair and rejuvenate your skin. Using innovative technologies and handled by skilled skin repair specialists, this medical-grade form of treatment is capable of hiding those pesky lines and bringing out your skin’s natural beauty.

Our advanced facial treatments are designed with your satisfaction in mind. They serve to refresh and rejuvenate the cosmetic appearance of your skin, diminishing the need for other forms of treatment such as cosmetic surgery. Many who visit Ottawa Skin Clinic for advanced facials experience noticeable results after as little as one treatment, encouraged by the utterly customizable nature of this form of treatment. This is a painless and even relaxing way to smooth and revitalize your skin.