Do you suffer from hair loss or thinning areas along your scalp? At The Ottawa Skin Clinic, we can help. Throough rejuvenation therapy, combined with our vitamin hair loss treatment Revitacare Haircare®, we can help regrow your hair naturally and rehydrate your scalp in only a few sessions. To learn more about this advanced treatment and what’s involved, read on.

The Foundation for Growth

Revitacare Haircare® works as the foundation to rejuvenate by preparing the scalp and promoting hair growth. The innovative formula is microinjected into the deep layers of your scalp to encourage hair rejuvenation and improve the follicle strength. It provides a boost of nutrient-rich ingredients that contribute to the effective results of the rejuvenation treatments.

Natural Healing Process

Rejuvenation is a safe and proven procedure that uses your body’s natural healing properties to help restore and regrow your hair. By activating the platelets that assist in healing processes, rejuvenation can be used to regenerate the cells in your body and to promote hair regrowth. In time, you’ll notice more tone, volume, and an overall healthier appearance to your hair.

Exceptional Treatment for Hair Loss

All rejuvenation treatments are not created equal. We use the most advanced rejuvenation from Regal Lab, a global leader in cell therapy and regenerative medicine. The same can be said for our vitamin hair loss treatments. Revitacare has been honoured with several awards and is a key player in manufacturing cutting-edge formulas for the medical aesthetic and the cosmetology market across the globe. When these two clinical treatments are used together, you get exceptional results for a fantastic price.

Fast and Pain-Free

Both Revitacare and rejuvenation are quick and non-invasive procedures that do not require any surgery or downtime. Every Revitacare Haircare® micro-based injection is designed to be pain-free and comfortable for patients. You can experience remarkable results without having to worry!

Visible and Dramatic Results

In only six sessions you can start to notice a dramatic improvement in the way your hair looks and feels. During each session, a dose of the vitamin treatment is penetrated into your hair roots to create immediate hydration for your hair. Then the platelets are administered to the scalp using a thin and painless needle to release the growth factors to initiate cellular regeneration in the area.  As your body produces the natural collagen, you’ll start to see the dramatic effects that you can expect to maintain for the next 18 months.

To find out more about the amazing benefits of our rejuvenation and vitamin hair loss treatments, talk to us today at The Ottawa Skin Clinic. Our professionals are here to help you feel confident again in how you look.