Let’s face it, social media and the beauty industry go hand in hand. And thanks to a number of social media strategies, the beauty industry has quickly transformed from salesy magazine ads and model-based TV commercials to a much more human side of things. You don’t have to be the world’s biggest skin clinic or makeup company to get access to millions of people in today’s world. With a good social media strategy, small brands are gaining some leverage – and fast. To show you what we mean, here are 8 ways social media influences the beauty industry today.


There’s no surprise that influencers have made a massive impact on the beauty industry. Celebrities like the Kardashians, Huda Kattan, and Jeffree Star have millions of followers who not only listen to what they have to say but will also buy what they recommend. Brands that can afford to pay these top influencers have really reaped the benefits and turned massive profits. Sponsored posts have become a new moneymaker for those who have a large number of followers on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. And brands have taken notice, which is why the beauty industry has adopted influencer marketing faster than any other. 

Video Ads

Magazines and TV ads used to be where we all looked to find the latest in beauty products. Not anymore. Video ads are now king when it comes to learning about the newest product lines and brands. Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube videos have a much bigger and faster reach than traditional methods. Plus, they are much more affordable on the ad spend side, allowing smaller brands to get their message across a lot easier. 

Shares and Likes

The more likes and shares, the more organic traffic beauty brands can get. Social media platforms connect millions of people together. You can get some massive exposure just from one single post of a product or meme, which is a major driver in the beauty industry right now. 

Live Sessions

A number of beauty brands are also turning to live video to connect more deeply with their existing customers and to attract new ones to their products. How does it work? Live sessions allow brands to showcase their products in a more natural setting. This helps to build more trust with their consumers as they can answer questions, provide tips, and offer people a “real life” look into what these beauty products actually do instead of trusting an airbrushed model on a magazine.

Mixing Platforms

Beauty brands are also finding ways to target specific audiences by tapping into different platforms. This has been incredibly cost-effective for brands because they can narrow down their marketing efforts without spending more. For instance, a lipstick brand could target a younger generation who’s more interested in bold colours through Instagram and an older generation who prefers more natural tones on Facebook. It’s all about utilizing platforms that work for the brand and its audiences – which is better for the consumer and the brand.

Using Varied Content Strategies

Another way that brands are connecting with their audiences is by using different content strategies on platforms like Instagram. Through tutorials, product promos, memes, testimonials, and lifestyle posts, beauty brands are finding ways to keep their audiences engaged and purchasing with fresh, new content.

Social Campaigns

Everyone loves free stuff, and people will do next to anything to get it. And if that means sharing a hashtag or promo with all your friends – so be it. That’s why social campaigns are so effective. Social campaigns that offer the chance to win free products if you share the link with 10+ friends are a brilliant way that beauty brands are driving traffic, getting the word out, and building brand recognition. 

Private Messaging 

Notice any ads on your FB messenger lately? Now brands are using private messaging ads as a way to get closer with their audience. Why? Because they know that you may not open an email, but you’ll always open a private message sent to your social media account. Some of these messages also include built-in bots that interact and chat with users. Soon you’ll be able to set up an appointment and make changes by interacting through your Facebook messenger system – the future is here.

As you can see, social media has many benefits – it put us in touch with independent and smaller beauty brands that may appeal to us more. It has influenced brands to get more personal and real with us and to ditch the model-based sales pitch. It’s also pushed brands to focus more on consumers’ needs today (organic, cruelty-free, natural body image) and less on directing the market in a way they want. If you’re looking for a skin clinic that is focused on your needs and health, we welcome you to check out our services on our website. At The Ottawa Skin Clinic, we believe beauty is not just how you look, it’s also about how you feel!