The winter weather can be particularly harsh on your skin. Those frigid winds and sub-zero temperatures often cause skin to become dry, itchy, and irritated. So if you’re looking for recommendations for fighting dry skin this winter, try these tips below to give your skin a hydrating boost.

Moisturize More

The easiest way for fighting dry skin this winter is to add more moisture. The more you moisturize in the winter, the more protected your skin will be from the harsh conditions. When choosing a moisturizing lotion for the wintertime, look for a thicker or oil-based lotion rather than a water-based one that you use during the spring or summer. The oils will help to create a protective barrier and lock in the moisture you need in dry conditions.

Exfoliate Often

The clearer the skin, the deeper the moisturizer can penetrate.  You can clear away old skin cells by exfoliating with a product that contains lactic or salicylic acid. Gently give your skin a scrub to remove the dead cells and then apply a moisture-rich lotion to help heal dry and damaged skin. Exfoliating should only be done once or twice a week to avoid irritating the skin.

Eat Healthy Fats

We all know that we need to drink lots of water to stay hydrated, but we often don’t associate specific foods with moisturizing our body as well. A diet that’s rich in healthy fats can help lock in moisture and make you glow all winter long. Try eating avocados, cold-water fish, walnuts, olive oil, and dark leafy green vegetables that are full of skin hydrating fats. Boosting your intake will eliminate any dry skin and also prevent acne too.

Switch Your Soap

In the wintertime, you need to switch to soap that is formulated to reduce irritated skin and improve hydration. Alcohol, perfume, and chemical-based products can be harsh on your skin and strip the natural oils. What you need is a gentle hydrating body wash that will improve the body’s natural skin barrier and replenish your skin.

Reduce Your Shower Temperature

Hot showers can feel amazing but can really dry out your skin. By reducing your water temperature to warm or cool water, you can maintain your natural oils and improve your skin’s hydration.

Switch To Cleansing Milk

Peels and masks often contain alcohol-based ingredients that can strip away at your oils. Instead, try switching to a cleansing milk. It will cleanse away any of the grease and dirt on your skin, and also give you a moisture boost. You can also use it as a facial cleanser and even in the bath.

See A Specialist

If you’ve been experiencing consistently dry or irritated skin, it may be time to talk to a specialist. An aesthetician or dermatologist can give you the skin care advice you need, perform hydrating treatments to better your skin’s condition and help you create a proper skin care regime.

You don’t have to suffer this winter with painfully dry and irritated skin. Come visit us at The Ottawa Skin Clinic. Our specialists can help restore your skin to a smooth and supple feel, even in the harshest outdoor conditions. Say goodbye to dry and hello to soft and beautiful skin.