Are you bored with your regular makeup routine? Or maybe you’re just looking for some ways to get creative with makeup? Well, we’ve got you covered! Makeup has the power to truly transform the way you look by accentuating certain areas, and making your facial features pop.  So if you’re eager for some new makeup tips, read on!

Spice Up Your Brows

Since eyebrows account for approximately 20% of your facial appearance, they’re a pretty big deal. They can drastically add or subtract from your overall look. To style your brows, we recommend using a powder to draw attention to the centre arch of the brow. Then use a brow brush that matches your hair colour to thicken them and give them good definition. This makes the eye area pop and also makes the eyes look bigger.


Let’s face it – when it comes to makeup, the eyes are the stars of the show. They’re what people notice first, and what their attention lingers on the most. So it’s worth spending more time here and getting creative.  You can try switching up your makeup routine for a more retro style instead with the cat-eye liner look. You can easily do this using a fine tip liquid liner along the upper lid. It’s funky and classy with the perfect dash of 70s style retro.

Double Feline Flick

Another take on the classic cat-eye liner is simple. Add a thicker top edge on the upper lid along with a white liquid liner or even a bright colour of your choice to trace above for a cool, fresh take on this vintage classic style.

Denim Smoke

For a fierce, bold look, the denim smokey eyes are a winner. Use a dark and bold blue shadow above the crease on the upper lid and just under the bottom too. Be sure to blend well with a complimentary light shade too. It’s guaranteed to get you noticed.

Get Bold With Your Lipstick

Don’t neglect your lips – give them some colour! Bold lipsticks are more popular than ever. Wearing a dark and seductive red, or even a bold and eye-catching purple are all the rage in the fashion world these days. So don’t be afraid to step outside of the colour box and find cool funky tones to wear.

Get creative with makeup and shake up your old, boring routine with some of these simple suggestions. It’s all about doing what feels right to you. So have some fun, try new colours and make your morning makeup routine fun again.