The beauty industry is constantly evolving, and one factor that has noticeably changed is the perception of masculinity – specifically in relation to skincare. The beauty industry has long been dedicated to women, but now more than ever, men are showing a keen interest in understanding how to take better care of their skin. We work out, eat well, and practice other self-care habits to nourish our body, so why not our skin? No matter your age, gender or race – skincare matters, and having a regular routine to take care of it can keep it healthy and looking good. If you’re looking for a reason to start taking better care of your skin, read on to learn all the reasons why men are becoming more interested in skincare.

Finally, There’s Actually Options for Men

As mentioned, one of the major shifts that have been happening throughout the beauty industry over the past few years is the traditional ways in which we define masculinity. As gender norms evolve and progress, they force us to breakdown traditional concepts of gender and beauty. This has encouraged more men to embrace the idea of self-care, including taking better care of their skin. Let’s just say the days of washing your face with bars of soap and throwing on a little aftershave are over. Men are finally embracing skincare products to reduce irritation, acne, and improve their skin’s complexion. As a result, the demand for men’s skincare products has surged. From cleansers and toners, to anti-aging moisturizers and facial treatments – men are revolutionizing the modern beauty industry.

Men Get Sun Damage and Wrinkles Too

Women aren’t the only ones who experience fine lines, wrinkles, and sunspots – men endure these imperfections as much as the ladies do. The bottom line is that men are finally realizing the benefits of taking better care of their skin to look and feel better. And as men start to understand more about skincare, they’re recognizing these benefits, especially when it comes to anti-aging, reducing sunspots and pigmentation. Maintaining a consistent routine of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing can reverse sun damage and the signs of aging significantly. And who doesn’t want skin that looks more youthful and smoother?

Acne and Bumps are Embarrassing

Beyond the anti-aging benefits, there’s also a multitude of ways that regular skincare can improve the skin. Whether you suffer from acne scars, adult breakouts, razor bumps, rosacea, eczema, or something else, certain products can help to soothe the skin and reduce any blemishes. There are also numerous facial treatments specially designed for men that can target a wide range of skin conditions. To find out which treatment is best for you, talk to a skincare professional. They will find the treatment and products that are best suited for your skin type to get the relief and solution you’re looking for.

The Beard is Back

What seemed to have started as a “Movember” trend quickly blossomed into a full-blown beard craze that became widely popular among men over the past few years. So much so that beard grooming salons, shave kits and beard care products began to pop up everywhere. As men became more enamored with regular beard grooming, this slowly began to spark an interest in other aspects of facial grooming, including skincare. And it makes sense. Why take care of one part and not the other? Nowadays, you don’t have to look far to find an array of men’s products designed for this specific reason.

Men with Clear Skin Have More Confidence

It’s no surprise that men who have clear, smooth and healthy-looking skin feel more confident. Looking into the mirror and seeing crow’s feet, fine lines or acne covering your face can really put a damper on your social life. If you’re suffering from skin conditions that are making you feel insecure, just know that you can easily reduce and even potentially eliminate those problems by giving your skin a little more attention. You’ll also get some well-deserved brownie points from that special someone when they find out just how much effort you’ve put into taking care of your skin and health.

If you’re tired of dealing with skin problems or seeing wrinkles and other signs of aging emerge, allow us to help. At the Ottawa Skin Clinic, we offer a wide range of advanced services that are designed for men. From acne treatments, to chemical peels, to laser treatment and more, we have the solutions to help your skin look and feel better than ever. Get in touch with us today to book a consultation. One of our skincare specialists can take a look at your skin, determine what it needs and recommend the right treatment for you.