Dealing with unwanted hair can be such an aggravating and time-consuming process to endure – especially when the results only end up lasting a day or so. Thankfully, laser hair removal can eliminate your unwanted hair AND those tedious processes for getting soft, smooth skin. Just imagine never having to shave or wax again? You could whip on that bikini on the drop of a dime without having to consider the condition of your legs first.

If you’ve been contemplating laser treatment for your unwanted hair, here are some notable reasons why laser hair removal makes life easier.

Save Time

First and foremost – laser hair removal saves you so much time and aggravation. If you stop to think about how much time you have to spend each day shaving and removing wanted hair, it’s easy to recognize just how much of your time it wastes. Laser hair removal lets you eliminate the tedious time factor for maintaining unwanted hair.

Long Lasting Results

Laser hair removal treatments can eliminate up to 80% of your unwanted hair once the sessions have been completed. After that, you may need a maintenance touch up session every few months, but aside from that, you can enjoy hair-free skin permanently.

Save Money

Never mind the time it takes to keep your skin looking smooth and soft, but adding on the cost factor too for expensive razors, waxing kits and more can really add up over time. When you compare a package of laser treatments that span the course of several months and deliver permanent results, you will see just how much money you can save. With long-lasting results, you’ll never need to buy those overpriced razors again.

Avoid The Awkward Grow Out Phase

If waxing has been your go-to method of choice for hair removal, aside from the pain factor, it can be awkward, embarrassing and inconvenient during the ‘grow out’ phase in between your treatments. With laser removal, since the laser targets the root of the hair follicles, you can keep shaving your hair in between sessions without hindering the results. So you don’t have to endure any awkward ‘grow out’ phase here!

Gain Confidence

There’s nothing worse than being invited for a spontaneous dip in the pool or hot tub when your skin just isn’t ‘ready’ to be shown off. Whether its hair, razor burn or bumps left behind from shaving, this can really impact your confidence and prevent you from being able to enjoy those spontaneous moments. With laser hair removal, you can look forward to having skin that you can feel proud to show off at any given time.

At The Ottawa Skin Clinic, we use the most advanced, cutting-edge technology to produce optimal results. Laser treatments are virtually pain-free, safe and suitable for all skin tones.

Reach out to us today to book a consultation so you can get started and see for yourself why laser hair removal makes life easier.