Our faces project everything about us and create the first and lasting impressions with everyone we meet. So it’s important to know how to use this to your advantage. Identifying your face shape can help you look your best and expand your potential. With just a little knowledge in this department, you’ll have the control to use your features to emphasize or conceal certain characteristics. And by determining your face shape, you’ll be able to understand what is the best approach to take when applying make up so you can look stunning and natural rather than harsh and drab. Here we can help you learn all about your physical attributes and how these five face shapes can be used to your advantage.


A round face shape is characterized by being equal in width as it is length and without a very pronounced jawline. To give your face more dimension, contour along your temples, at the sides of your forehead and below the apples of your cheeks down to the jawline. By shadowing these areas, you can dramatically change the shape of your face and focus on your cheekbones.


If you have a diamond shape, your hairline is going to be more narrow, and your jawline will form a point. For all the diamond-shaped ladies out there, we recommend contouring mostly at your temples and then blending inward toward the middle of your cheeks. This will help give you a more natural balanced look without appearing too harsh.


A heart-shaped face will display a strong widow’s peak, along with a cheek area that’s slightly wider than your hairline. The chin area will drop to a point without any squared off corners along the jaw. So contouring should be done at the top of your forehead and then focused on the widest parts of your face and tip of the chin.


Those with a rectangular shape will have more length than width, where the width of your hairline will be about the same as your jaw. To make your features pop, you should try contouring along the forehead, jawbone, and also below your cheekbones to enhance your lines. This will help to slim down the sides of your face, soften your features, and lift the cheeks.


A pear shape features a wider jaw than your hairline. To balance out your structure, you should focus on darker contouring on the sides from your ears down. Then apply a highlighter above the brow and chin to make your smile stand out.


An oval shape is where the width of your face is about 1/3 less than the length of your face with no major corners around your hairline or your jawline. To enhance your beautiful oval features, blend your bronzer into your natural hairline. Then contour along the forehead and then just below your cheekbones.

No matter what your face shape is, if you’re not taking good care of your skin, it won’t matter how you apply your makeup. The condition of your skin will always show.  That’s why taking good care of your skin is so important. If you’re ready to give your skin some pampering, come into The Ottawa Skin Clinic to meet with one of our skin care professionals to help you create a skin care plan specifically designed for you.