Nano Brow

Nano Brow

Looking for fuller, more defined brows without the extensive procedure of permanent makeup?

Nano Brow is the answer.*

Ottawa Skin Clinic is excited to introduce Nano Brow, a specialized technique using micropigmentation to give your eyebrows a 3D illusion of natural-looking brows. Unlike microblading, which can result in blurring, the Nano Brow technique is a much more precise process. Enjoy flawless hair strokes and natural-looking eyebrows for up to five years, with optional colour boosts after 12 months.*

The Nano Brow technique uses advanced permanent makeup machines by Artliner™ and an ultra-fine 0.18mm Nano Needle. Pigment is accurately dispensed from the cartridge through the needle, creating flawless, natural-looking hair strokes. The result is a fuller, more defined brow customized to your exact specifications. Never worry about tweezing, waxing, threading, or permanent makeup ever again!*

The Nano Brow procedure is safe, quick, and highly effective. With a numbing agent applied to the treatment area, the procedure is virtually painless. Treatments are precise and use only the highest quality tools and pigmentation products available.*

Our premium quality micropigments are available in a range of shades so you can find the perfect match. They are precision formulated and fully stable to prevent unwanted colour changes, protect against infection, and prevent allergic reactions. The high-quality pigments create a 3D effect, echoing the look of natural brows.*

You deserve flawless eyebrows that won’t blur. Book an appointment with Ottawa Skin Clinic today to learn more about Nano Brow micropigmentation treatments.*


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