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Enhance Your Look With Eyebrow Microblading



Ottawa Skin Clinic

It’s said that our eyebrows account for about 20% of our facial features – that’s a lot! So naturally, it’s important to maintain your brows and keep them in check. But for those whose eyebrows are naturally light or pretty much non-existent, there are options for you to get just the look you want. Eyebrow microblading (also known as eyebrow embroidery) is making waves through the cosmetic world by allowing people to get natural-looking brows in no time. Here’s how:

What is it?

Microblading is the perfect solution for those looking to enhance their look and their eyebrows. It’s a specialized technique that uses micro needles that create hair-like strokes that give the appearance of real eyebrow hair. It uses a semi-permanent pigment that’s formulated to match the natural pigment of your existing brows. Or, for those who don’t have any, you get to choose what pigment you’d like.

How does this compare to tattoo/permanent cosmetics?

Cosmetic tattoos are of course another avenue that many people seek. However, with cosmetic tattoos, it can be difficult to achieve that natural, hair-like appearance. Eyebrow microblading is the most similar to natural eyebrow hair.

Microblading is very meticulous, using a microblade pen to draw every individual hair. So what you’re left with is a very subtle, natural looking result.

In addition, microblading is semi-permanent, meaning that the results will last up to 3 years before requiring touch ups, which means it also leaves you with the option to alter them in the future.

So whether it’s an added arch you desire, a fuller, thicker look, or you’re looking to touch up a few blank spots – this semi-permanent treatment gives you the option.

How does the procedure work, and how long does it take?

Each treatment will use a numbing cream that’s applied to your brow area. This helps to alleviate your sensation, so there only might be a slight discomfort. It is relatively painless though, and considering it will last three years, you’ll know it was well worth it.

Since the technique is so meticulous, each session takes approximately two hours, depending on the amount of work needed and the look you desire.

What about maintenance?

The great thing about this technique is that it’s low maintenance. After the typical healing period of about 25-30 days, you can rub them, wet them, and do anything you normally do without the need to worry.

So if you’re looking to refresh the look of your brows, or reshape them, add in an arch, or simply make them more defined – consider eyebrow microblading from Ottawa Skin Clinic. It’s the best way to get that natural, beautiful look.

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