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Acne Treatment with Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT)

Did you know that nearly half of all adults are troubled with acne? Are you one of them? Did acne in your adolescent years leave you with unwanted scars? At the Ottawa Skin Clinic, we offer a number of treatment options that can be effective against acne and/or have to potential to dramatically reduce the appearance of acne scars.*

Acne can be treated with a variety of methods, such as HydraFacial MD® treatments, advanced medical grade facials and chemical peels. To potentially reduce the appearance of acne scars, skin-smoothening treatments that promote the production of collagen such as micro-needling, laser skin resurfacing, and platelet-rich plasma injections are performed. We recommend treating acne with Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT) because it can clear inflammatory acne lesions without the use of drugs and without the onset of undesirable side effects.*

AFT Acne Treatment

AFT is a scientific breakthrough in pulsed light-based technology. It filters UV light to optimal levels for skin rejuvenation, opening the door to a range of treatment options. We use AFT to target porphyrins produced as part of the normal metabolism of P. acnes bacteria. A bacteria that can colonize your skin and hair follicles,  P. acnes (Propionibactirum acnes) is the primary pathogenic agent responsible for acne. We use intense pulsing blue light from the AFT system, which interacts with the porphyrins and creates singlet oxygen. The process can be effective in rapidly destroying acne-causing bacteria without harming the surrounding skin tissue.

The benefits of acne treatment with AFT:*

  • Non-invasive
  • Requires no topical or systemic drugs
  • Minimizes patient discomfort
  • Minimizes risk of side effects

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